Monitoring Units, Smart Lift and Valves

MAPE-I and Mini-MAPE
KJI Hydro's unique MAPE-I and mini-MAPE (Monitoring and Protection Equipment) monitor motor overheating and seal leakage thus greatly reducing the possibility of costly forced outages. THE MAPE-I also provides direct monitoring of critical motor bearing temperatures.

If the motor temperature reaches a preset temperature, or if water enters into the seal chamber, then the mini-MAPE sensors can set off an alarm notifying maintenance personnel of the problem. This allows preventative maintenance to be scheduled at the next available outage and prevents unexpected downtime.
As an option, the mini-MAPE can also be set to disable the equipment and sound an alarm on either over temperature or water intrusion.

The mini-MAPE is standard equipment on all KJI Hydro Submersible pumps and the MAPE-I an available option for submersible pumps over 100 hp. Both the MAPE-I and mini-MAPE can greatly improve plant operations
and reliability.

Monitors the temperature of stator windings and bearings; and monitors water intrusion into the seal chamber.
Monitors the temperature of stator windings and monitors water intrusion into the seal chamber.

Smart Lift
Simple and smart, KJI Hydro's Smart Lift makes it easy to lower and lift your submersible pump.

Consisting of a short stainless steel chain sling, a stainless steel cable and a cast stainless steel gripping cog, the Smart Lift could not be simpler to operate. One end of the chain sling remains attached to the pump lifting bail and the other to the stainless steel cable. The stainless steel cable is run up to the top of the sump, and attached just below the cover.

To lift the pump, the stainless steel gripping cog is threaded onto the stainless steel cable and lowered along the cable until it is guided to the chain sling. At the chain sling, the gripping cog engages one of the chain links and the pump is lifted out of the sump. No corroded chains to break, no nylon cords to be cut or broken, because KJI Hydro's Smart Lift has all stainless steel components for long life. It's simple and its smart.

Smart Lift
Features and Benefits
Auto-Flush Valve

KAF Valve (Auto-Flush Valve)
Eliminate the time and expense of frequent sump de-sludging with the KAF valve. The KAF uses the pressure of the pump requiring no additional power or equipment. Attached to the pump volute, the valve is automatically opened whenever pumping starts. With the start of each pumping cycle, a powerful stream is created that stirs up sedimentation at the bottom of the sump. After an adjustable, predetermined period of time, the valve automatically closes and automatically resets for the next cycle. This automatic flushing significantly reduces the formation of sediment and sludge.

A cleaner sump means greater operational efficiency and less maintenance, not to mention fewer unpleasant odors in your plant.

Auto-Flush Valve
Auto-Flush Valve diagram

KBC Valve (Ball Check Valve)
The KBC valve is a non-clog ball check valve that can be installed in any position- horizontal, vertical or inverted. Its special design ensures a free flow with significantly less friction than conventional valves. Over time, the low friction losses can produce very substantial energy savings.
Because positive seating is ensured without the use of springs or mechanical devices, the KBC is virtually maintenance-free. Standard construction can service pressures of up to 150 psi and temperatures up to 175°F.

The simple maintenance-free design and reduced energy costs of the KBC used with a KJI-Hydro submersible pump are a winning combination for the pump/valve systems in any sewage plant.

Ball Check Valve
Ball Check Valve Ball Check Valve diagram